Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pinoy Film Goes HiTech in Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles

I'm sorry but I am really not a fan of Filipino movies. I have seen just a couple of them this year and, unfortunately, not one has ever quenched my thirst for a quality Filipino film. Industry players have been banging the wall everytime imported movies earn better in the box office. Don't blame the viewers. We are always in the look out for quality movies especially now that the price of movie tickets is higher compared to the days of FPJ and Lito Lapid.

But this one movie, still coming to theaters, has caught my attention. The graphics are stunning, the color is amazing, the acts are great, and the plot (although very common) looks like it has a twist in the end. I am not a professional movie critic but I can sense that the movie Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles will hit big in the box office.    

Tiktik, a movie starring Lovi Poe, is a co-production of Dingdong Dantes' Agosto Dos Pictures, Reality Entertainment, Mothership Productions, Post Manila Productions, and GMA Films.

Dingdong said he is proud of the project as it is the first movie in the Philippines to use full CGI or computer-generated imagery effects.

"I would want it to be successful because first sya in the Philippine-cinema and a breakthrough in so many things," Dindong said.

It's a good eye-opener to the public that Filipinos can do good movies with sheer dedication, time, and resources, he said.


The eyes of the public have long been closed when it comes to Filipino movies. We have enough of love stories, pa sweet movies, corny comedies, and other films that are just good in the trailer. Filipinos are willing to let go of their P200 for a quality movie. That is best explained in the Holywood movies raking in millions of pesos.

Tiktik, based on the thriller, is a specie of aswang that preys on pregnant women. During my younger years, Mama would often tell me that a Tiktik has just passed whenever she hears its sound, most especially if there is a pregnant woman in the neighborhood.

 The presence of a Tiktik can be noted through the use of a "lana" a local oil that allegedly boils when an aswang is nearby. It was really scary during those times when there was still no Internet, no cellphone, no cable, and the only light in the house was a petromax.

Now back to the movie. The trailer I watched in Youtube (you can see it below) is very convincing that it is really a "different" Filipino horror movie. The backgrounds, although clearly computer-enhanced to the eyes of the techies,  are stunning and add up to the scary feel of the movie.

The transformation into a Tiktik of the actors are also awesome. This is how computer works magic. But there is one thing that doesn't convince me. The transformation of a Tiktik into a monsters which is way over the feel of realism.

No way!. These are not TikTik as far as the old folks are concerned.
A Tiktik is an aswang and not a monster. An aswang is a person turned into some vicious being. But depicting it as a monster of some sort is just way too much. They should have held on to the realism of the tale of the TikTik and focused on the human figure of the Aswang.

Anyway, congrats to the producers of TikTik coming up with this kind of movie. You have convinced me to set aside my P200 just to watch this. Nevermind if I'll end up smelling the popcorn of my seatmate. This one surely is worth watching and worth every penny that I will spend.

See the full trailer below:

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Greg Chua said...

First of all congratulations of all the cast behind of this scene; I am really proud of them. This was scary movie but many people love it most this to watch it.

Greg | Entertainment News Philippines