Friday, September 26, 2008

Gretchen extends Bong her birthday wish

It was a star-studded birthday celebration for Senator Bong Revilla last September 24. The actor turned politician celebrated his 42nd birthday and was very happy that all his closest friends from the senate and showbiz were able to come despite the bad weather.

A big surprise however, was the presence of Gretchen Barretto, who was once linked to Bong before. She even went up the stage to give the birthday boy her special message. Lani Mercado, Bong’s wife was up there on stage with him and was all smiles during this moment.

It was reported before that Lani and Gretchen had a long standing riff between them because of the latter’s closeness to Bong. It seems like the gap has been fixed with Gretchen being invited to the party.

Gretchen though could not avoid the press’ queries about rumors of her being kicked out of her partner Tony Boy Cojuanco’s home. The actress emphasized that she’s getting quite annoyed with recurring rumors of her being thrown out of their house. Although she and Tony Boy had a fight, she denied leaving their home in ForbesPark. Gretchen even said that she stayed inside the house for 10 days because she was nursing a flu.

The actress admitted that her partner was the one more affected by the rumor. Gretchen confessed that she’s so used to these kind of news that she doesn’t even cry about it anymore.


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