Monday, December 15, 2008

ABS-CBN vs. GMA on Marky Cielo wake coverage

I was a bit pissed by the issue. I mean, the guy is dead. Marky Cielo is dead. No station should take the opportunity of exploiting the death of a person just to raise its ratings. The issue on coverage should not have been bloated by people and made big by parties.

I am with ABS-CBN in this issue. The network knows that Marky Cielo is not its property. Marky belongs to the other network. But ABS-CBN is right in saying that the public has the right to know on the status of the wake, whether the viewer is a Kapuso or a Kapamilya.

ABS-CBN crew went to Marky's hometown to take footage and cover the incident. They were courteous and respectful (based the footage they provided at the Buzz). And although the crew knew that they were on a hostile ground, it was their work that pushed them to go there.

They were turned down by Marky's mom when they asked for an interview. But it only goes to show that the crew asked the permission of Marky's mom first. There was no ambush interview or forceful interview. The crew left later that night with nothing, except for footages of the house of Marky and some zoomed shots.

GMA should not have exploited the issue and made it big.

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Anonymous said...

bakit nung c rico yan ang namatay di ba ang swapang at nagdamot din sa coverage ang abs-cbn?? do y still remember that?