Sunday, December 14, 2008

SOP's tribute to Marky Cielo

Was channel surfing at noon today when the remote control brought me to GMA 7. There were lighted candles and all of those singing on stage were wearing white. As if someone has just died. Add to that the song, which was "Paglisan", a song meant for those who will be going somewhere far or for those who have just died.

I paused for a while to find out what was it all about. And then it hit me. It was SOP's tribute to the handsome, young actor who had died just a couple of days ago - Marky Cielo. Everyone on stage was on grieving mood. Everyone was crying. I even saw Janno Gibbs wearing black shades trying to hold back his tears.

"Sayang talaga". That's what I can say to the young actor. Whatever caused his death, it was very untimely. It happened when he was still on the infancy of his career.

According to reports, his mom tried to wake him up for an appointment at around six in the morning. After the young actor failed to answer the door, it was forced open. Marky Cielo was found lifeless inside and was declared dead when he was brought to the nearby Antipolo hospital.

The cause of death is still unclear at this point, but acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis, locally known asbangungot, may have been the cause. This was also the cause of death of another young actor, Rico Yan, many years ago.

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