Thursday, January 3, 2008

ABS-CBN statement regarding the GMA libel suit

This is ABS-CBN's official press statement regarding the libel charges filed by GMA-7:
"We are waiting for a formal copy of GMA-7's complaint so our lawyers can evaluate its merits.
We are disappointed but not surprised by GMA-7’s reactions to the discovery of TV ratings manipulation.

We continue to stand by our earlier news reports that AGB-Nielsen Media Research General Manager Maya Reforma identified GMA-7 as the broadcast network behind the efforts that compromised panel homes in Bacolod.

Furthermore, in the attachment to Reforma's affidavit submitted to the Quezon City Regional Trial Court, she admitted that "79 of the 532 homes interviewed from the 6 cities were confirmed by panel homes to have been exposed to efforts by GMA."

Let's remember that the issue here is about having a clean TV ratings process, the reason we filed a civil case against AGB-Nielsen Media Research. Filing defamation charges against ABS-CBN diverts attention from the real issue. We are confident that the truth will come out."


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